At NHC Aesthetics, we will provide a tailored treatment plan for you with combination of Chemical Peels, Laser, Facial treatments, alongside your prescribed medication and treatment plan of  Zo and Tebiskin skincare products. Acne is a very common skin condition caused by the inflammation of grease-producing glands in the skin. This causes blocked pores (blackheads and whiteheads) and inflamed red papules and pustules, otherwise known as spots. Acne predominantly occurs during adolescence and is most experienced on the face, back and chest. The correlation between acne and adolescence is due to the increase in testosterone occurring in both genders during puberty. Acne can also be prompted by psychological factors such as increased stress levels, genetics, and dietary habits, as well as hormone changes during pregnancy. 

All of our treatments will improve your acne appearance and will boosting self confidence! 

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ClearSkin Laser Acne Treatment

ClearSkin laser treatment uses a combination of laser technology,
simultaneous contact cooling for more comfortable treatment and a unique vacuum mechanism to treat all forms of acne vulgaris. The treatment is suitable for all skin types, has no side effects and achieves a clearer, smoother complexion with lasting results.

At NHC Aesthetics we are offering combination of Clarifying Acne Facia with ClearSkin Laser treatment. Read More 

Zo Clarifying Acne Facial

Zo Clarifying Acne facial will help to eliminate the underlying causes of lesions, breakouts, redness, irritation and discomfort.  Each treatment concentrates on deep cleansing the pores, eliminating the bacteria on the skin that cause acne. We will also prescribe an Acne Treatment Programme which includes a range of home care products. This will ensure you get the best possible results.


Face Scan Analysing & Acne  Assessment:  Double cleanse: Exfoliating polish: Steam & Pore Extraction:  Toner :High frequency machine (rids the skin of any bacteria and controls the oil production):Stimulator peel can be added but depends on the clients skin needs: Cleanse: LED Mask, Mask: Moisturiser: Sun protection

  • Removes blackheads, whiteheads, dead skin and other impurities
  • Existing acne
  • Prevent new break out
  • Helps with the skin texture and brightness.
  • Reduce acne scars and post acne hyper-pigmentation.

The skin may appear red and feel sensitive post Steam & Pore Extraction.
Treat the skin as a sensitive skin, avoid exposure to the sun, heat treatments and swimming for 12 hours or until the skin completely appears calm.
our practitioners will guide you with a personalised home care skin regime. avoid makeup or any scented products. Use an SPF Daily.

Steam & Pore Extraction +Peel

Steam & Pore Extraction is a procedure using a combination of steam vapour along with a congestion softening solution to prepare for the hands-on extraction of unwanted skin blockage. Instant results are visible in the reduction of active spots, blackheads, whiteheads, blocked pores and milia leaving your skin cleaner, clearer and smoother. As a result we will add Zo Stimulation Peel.

Face Scan Analysing & Acne  Assessment: Double cleanse: Exfoliating polish: Steam & Pore Extraction: Toner: High frequency: Apply Stimulation Peel 2 lairs: Mask: Moisturiser: Sun protection

  • Purifying pores such as Blackheads, whiteheads, dead skin and other impurities
  • Prevent new breakout
  • The look and texture of your skin
  • Exfoliate the skin.
  • Stimulate collagen production and improve the tone and texture.
  • More refreshed appearance

The skin may appear red and feel sensitive post Steam & Pore Extraction.
Treat the skin as a sensitive skin, avoid exposure to the sun, heat treatments and swimming for 12 hours, avoid make up, scented products or harsh chemicals for 24hrs until the skin completely appears calm.
our practitioners will guide you with a personalised home care skin regime.
Use an SPF Daily.

EnerPeel Acne Peel

Designed for the treatment of  acne, this peel contains active ingredients from Tebiskin® OSK creams within the peel. These unique ingredients deliver a high dose of anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and sebum and cell turnover-slowing ingredients into the pilosebaceous duct, combined with salicylic acid to reduce oil, exfoliate and open up the duct opening. It is also used for controlling the inflammatory phase of papules and pustules. We can also use this on back and chest.


Your skin will be cleansed and prepped and the peel will then be applied, you may experience a ‘tingling’ sensation and heat while the peel is on. Following this, the peel is neutralised and specific cosmeceutical aftercare products will be applied. 

EnerPeel® SA peels, 2 weeks apart in conjunction with the anti-acne topical regimen.

  • EnerPeel® SA peels will achieved an 84% resolution rate of acne
  • Reducing oil production
  • Killing acne-causing bacteria
  • Reducing inflammation

Enerpeel® system, are highly effective but come with minimal downtime, allowing you to continue with your daily routine including work. Treatmentsn. You should feel a sensation referred to as “stingling” which as it suggests, is a mixture of light stinging with a tingling feeling. Once the neutraliser is applied towards the end of the treatment, the stingling will settle down. You can expect 1-4 days of light peeling after a superficial peel and 4-7 days of peeling and some redness after a medium peel. Occasionally it can take longer for the skin to return to a normal appearance. It is vital to use an appropriate sun-block after treatments and your nurse will explain all necessary post-treatment advice to you.

Zo Skin Health Acne Products

ZO® acne solutions are highly effective products formulated to treat acne and prevent future breakouts. These solutions feature essential ingredients to slow sebum activity and control excess oil production, while exfoliating dead skin cells to help tighten pores and improve skin texture.


Zo medical grade products work to correct acne outbreaks while you wear it. While making your skin look beautiful, it’s working double-time to heal the outbreaks and inflammation.

For mild acne, the ZO Acne treatment protocol will help fight and prevent the presence of comedones but no cystic lesions. 

  • Exfoliating Cleanser
  • Complexion Clearing Masque
  • Exfoliating Polish
  • Oil Control Pads- Salicylic acid 2%: Acne treatment and prevention
  • Acne Controls -Micronized benzoyl peroxide 10%

TebiSkin Acne Products

Increased oil production and skin thickness lead to hair follicles being blocked by oil and dead skin cells, creating a perfect environment for acne bacteria to breed. TebiSkin® OSK is medically licensed for the treatment of acne, targeting all visible symptoms and underlying causes, by controlling oil production, bacteria and inflammation for long-term relief.

  • Tebiskin® Gly Clean,
  • Tebiskin® OSK Lotion,
  • Tebiskin® OSK Cream,
  • Tebiskin® UV OSK
  • Tebiskin® Ceraboost
  • Tebiskin® OSK Chest & Back

First facial peel! staff were super kind and knowledgeable, felt like I left knowing more about what products worked for my skin and what treatments to go for in the future. Treatment itself was very relaxing and my skin looks much fresher!


Fantastic facial at a fantastic place, extremely happy with the results and the atmosphere was super relaxing. Would definitely recommend


I really love getting a classic facial at Nasslam Aesthetics. It’s exactly as described and they are really efficient. Extraction was gentle but effective. I also like that we went through my skincare concerns and they offered suggestions and advice in a no-pressure kind of way.


Friendly atmosphere, good and efficient treatments. What I found really nice is that I took before & after photos to compare the results of the treatment while I also got detailed information about the condition of my skin.