At NHC Aesthetics, we combine science and best skincare product available in the currant market. We offer a combination of DNA Skin Analyses and Visioface® full face photographic Facial Analysis. Our skin therapist will recommend tailor made skin treatments and a skin care program for your individual needs and concerns. We also offer nutritional advice and IV infusions packed with vitamins, minerals and amino acids to support overall health and wellbeing. For the highest quality and quickest results, we recommend a combination of Zo, Tebiskin, Laser Treatment and specific Vitamin Drips or injection.

4 vitamins for dry skin explained

Discover which are key vitamins for dry skin, what effect they have and what to add to your diet to increase their intake.

Dry skin can be caused by various factors – dehydration, cold temperatures, skin conditions, ageing and more. While we’ve already written about how to prevent winter rash and ashy skin and how to take care of dry skin, we haven’t yet touched a very important factor – vitamins.

Some vitamins are essential for your skin’s well-being and healthy look. We’re going to focus on 4 main ones, discuss what’s their role, how they help your skin, how your genes impact them, and where can you find these vitamins.

As you’ll see in the article, some of these vitamins impact or are found in the epidermis. The epidermis is the outermost and the most exposed layer of skin.
Alright, now let’s see which vitamins are best for your skin.

Here at Nasslam Aesthetics, we believe that glowing skin starts within.

Our DNA tests provide an analysis of your genetic predisposition of skin health.

What’s included?





DNA test helps you maintain your everyday routine to stay healthy and productive.




Delay the effects of aging and keep it youthful and healthy

The recommendations you get based on your test results help you select proper skincare products to address the actual needs of your skin.

The Skin and Health DNA test helps identify the nutrients you may lack. You can then include these in your daily routine to ensure that your skin gets precisely what it needs.


First facial peel! staff were super kind and knowledgeable, felt like I left knowing more about what products worked for my skin and what treatments to go for in the future. Treatment itself was very relaxing and my skin looks much fresher!


Friendly atmosphere, good and efficient treatments. What I found really nice is that I took before & after photos to compare the results of the treatment while I also got detailed information about the condition of my skin.


I really love getting a classic facial at Nasslam Aesthetics. It’s exactly as described and they are really efficient. Extraction was gentle but effective. I also like that we went through my skincare concerns and they offered suggestions and advice in a no-pressure kind of way.


Fantastic facial at a fantastic place, extremely happy with the results and the atmosphere was super relaxing. Would definitely recommend