INDIBA® Deep Beauty increases tissue temperature and cellular activity by promoting the synthesis of collagen and elastin and improving blood flow. Tissue is stimulated and oxygenated from the inside, thanks to our Proionic® System.

Facial Rejuvenation. Helps to regenerate collagen and elastin fibers, plumping the skin, lessening the appearance of wrinkles and improving the signs of aging.

Increase in local blood supply and improvement of tissue oxygenation and nutrition.

Stimulation of metabolic processes and cell activity.

  • Reduces wrinkles and expressions lines

  • Improves hydration and luminosity of the skin

  • Increases elasticity

  • Tightens the eyelids and raises drooping eyebrows

  • Improves the area around the eyes (bags, dark circles and wrinkles)


Reduces wrinkles and expressions lines


Dramatically improves the appearance of the eye contour


Friming, lifting and rejuvenating

Summary of your treatment

Procedure time

60 min

Full Recovery


Duration of Results


Back to Work


Sensitivity Period


Risk of




Results Visible

Two Weeks


The exclusive Indiba Deep Beauty method rebalances the ions cellular exchange, helping cells recover to their natural function. This enables the skin tissue to regain lost elasticity, reduce fat and allow oxygen to flow with ease between cells.

Indiba raises the internal temperature of the tissues as part of a both soothing and effective treatment. By stimulating collagen production, there will be an increase in circulation, tighter skin and an improvement in the delivery of nutrients and removal of waste products.

After cleansing your skin, a cream is applied and a button shaped electrode is smoothed over the lymphatic drainage points on the neck, face and body. A second frequency is then used to treat the lower levels of skin to give even more tightening. The final step involves placing the electrode on the therapist’s hands enabling the energy to flow through the fingertips and into your skin, thus being the most relaxing part of the treatment. Following the treatment, antioxidants and other prescriptive products are applied to your skin as well as sun cream for the best care and protection.

Reduces wrinkles and expression lines
Improves the appearance of the eye contour
Firming, lifting and rejuvenation effect
Redefines facial contour
Body shaping
Breast lifting
Cellulite, stretch marks, saggy arms
General well-being

There is no down time with Indiba treatments. Patients can safely resume normal activities immediately post-treatment

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