Tebiskin® Ceraboost

Size: 50 ml

Tebiskin® Cera-Boost Face Cream is based on a functional, balanced blend of all 9 key natural Ceramides, Cholesterol, Palmatic Acid and Fatty Acids in the necessary ratio to improve and restore the barrier function of the skin.
Its effective emollient, nutrient-rich, hydrating action is delivered on multiple levels for plumper, smoother, firmer feeling skin, with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles visibly reduced.

As a result of hormonal sensitisation, the level of natural oils and lipids in the skin reduce, causing an unhealthy increase in skin water loss, exacerbating the symptoms of acne. Repairing the skin’s barrier function restores skin moisture control, combatting the hormonal loss of lipids.

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