The Visioface® is a full face photographic method for facial skin analysis, optimal product recommendation and treatment documentation.

  • Full face photography
  • Complete skin analysis
  • Analysis of spots and pores
  • Analysis of lines an wrinkles
  • Analysis of colour differences
  • Uv-like photo for sun damage assessment
  • 3D image
  • Comparison of images
  • Product recommendations
  • Reports for customers and records
Deep Pore Cleansing Acne Facial:
This is facial designed for inflamed, irritated, acne skin types. This treatment includes a detoxifying masque using treat, soothing corrective, prevent and protective products. This treatment is ideal for oily, acne skin type, which has proved sensitive to other products.

Glycolic and Mandelic Acid Peel
The peel works by causing sloughing or removal of the upper layers of skin. Glycolic and Mandelic Acids Peel dramatically smoothens the skin, while plant extracts provide relief from irritation. The peel is one of the most innovative ways to easily and optimally rejuvenate the skin using a special based formulation.

ZO Skin Brightening Facial
This facial is designed to give all skin types that special pampered treatment. The combination of ZO OBAGI products help to leave the skin hydrated and refreshed. It is the perfect antidote for skin that needs a circulation boost from air travel, illness, medications and stress.

ZO Acne Clarifying Treatment
This facial is perfect for teenagers or any client experiencing acne. The combination of products helps to reduce oil without drying and gives the skin the hydration it needs. Zo Cebatrol Oil Control Pads help to clear blemishes and prevent new breakouts, while fruit extracts help to control oil and minimise pore size. Zo Sulfur Masque treats and prevents acne eruptions. Skin hydrators help combat dryness that can occur when using aggressive acne treatments.

Calming facial.
This facial is designed to help calm and smooth acne/rosacea skin. We use ZO Balatone Calming Toner, Rozatrol serum. Treatment for red, sensitized skin and Skin Brightening Masque, all those products aids the reduction of erythema caused by rosacea.

Invisapeel Intensive Resurfacing Treatment is no downtime, no- peel , resurfacing treatment for all types, even sensitive and week skin. Provides gentle exfoliation that immediately revives dull-liking skin, replenishes skin and minimises the appearance of discoloration, promoting a more even skin.

Milia Removal
Milia are often called milk spots or white spots. They appear as pearly white small bumps protruding out from under the skin and are found on the face, especially around the eyes. More often the cause is the use of the product that contains comedogenic ingredients found in many cosmetics and make up. They become blocked in a skin pore, which over a period of time creates its outer membrane. They are also found on skin with acne symptoms.

Microdermabrasion is a non – invasive treatment that involves diamond-cut hand pieces. These hand pieces have diamond encrusted tips which come in several diameters. The tips of the hand pieces has have sandpaper-like textures. The microdermabrasion machine works by adjusting the hand piece to a speed setting suitable for your skin needs, the tip of the hand piece then rotates on the surface of the skin and gently removes dead skin cells and debris.
The second part of the treatment is suitable for people with dull, rough/dry skin, skin with clogged pores and flaky skin. The treatment benefit your skin by encouraging cell regeneration, cleanses blocked pores and improves skin texture.

Red Carpet peel

Red Carpet, 30 mins treatment. Mandelic acid exfoliates and smoothes skin, while plant extracts provide relief from irritation. ZO Skin Brightening Masque helps to brighten skin for a fresher, cleaner and more youthful appearance. Green tea extract and arbutin aid in the reduction of pigment-related issues to help create a more even skin tone.

Derma Roller
The Derma Roller is a unique rolling device that significantly enhances the action of the delivery of transdermal agents. Micropore is a procedure which stimulates the skin to produce new collagen formation, thereby reducing dimpling and improving skin texture. The treatment stimulates skin renewal making the skin appear fresher and younger. Derma Roller is different from ultrasonic or injectables because it affects your bodies own collagen activities so the effects are long-lasting. Using the Derma Roller will help restore skin tightness in the early stages of ageing, even skin tones in both epidermis and dermis layers, speed up the reduction of pigmented marks, thicken thin skin, soften scars and reduce dilated blood vessels, dead skin cells, fine lines, fine and deep wrinkles.

A course of microdermabrasion can be used to give your skin a healthy glow or to target more specific requirements such as fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, sun damage & acne. Post treatment your skin continues to improve due to increased collagen & elastin production.

First facial peel! staff were super kind and knowledgeable, felt like I left knowing more about what products worked for my skin and what treatments to go for in the future. Treatment itself was very relaxing and my skin looks much fresher!


Friendly atmosphere, good and efficient treatments. What I found really nice is that I took before & after photos to compare the results of the treatment while I also got detailed information about the condition of my skin.


I really love getting a classic facial at Nasslam Aesthetics. It’s exactly as described and they are really efficient. Extraction was gentle but effective. I also like that we went through my skincare concerns and they offered suggestions and advice in a no-pressure kind of way.


Fantastic facial at a fantastic place, extremely happy with the results and the atmosphere was super relaxing. Would definitely recommend