SkinMed®’s medically licensed acne protocol involves EnerPeel® Salicylic Acid along with the Tebiskin® OSK range. Its remarkable formula allows you to target all visible symptoms of acne, while continuing the use of Tebiskin® OSK keeps acne symptoms under control.


Treating the visible symptoms of rosacea is key to clear skin, but for long-term control, you need to go further to increase the skin’s tolerance to internal and external triggers. Months of research and decades of skin experience has led to the creation of an all-encompassing rosacea treatment, targeting all causes and symptoms of rosacea


Most products and treatments address only Epidermal Mobile Pigmentation, but many patients often have Fixed Pigmentation that requires more advanced clinical procedures, meaning improvement is only partial or minimal. SkinMed® do things differently.


‘Ageing’ can mean many things. SkinMed®’s complete Anti-Ageing Protocol focusses on fibroblasts; cells in the dermis that produce fibres of collagen and elastin for structural integrity and elasticity. Our all-encompassing solution slows, resists and encourages a reversal of the ageing process.


Dry skin is complex and difficult to treat because you must identify and address both oil dryness and dehydration; both conditions present similar symptoms at a cellular level but have different treatment requirements. SkinMed®’s Hydration Protocol is designed to address poor moisture control at every level of the skin.